BOX12 Hits Euston, London!

BOX12 Hits Euston

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The Gym Group recently launched a new site at Euston, London, and fitness enthusiasts have a lot to look forward to! BOX12 has partnered with The Gym Group to introduce their ‘In-Club Solution’ at this new site.

Image of Jon and Jamie talking to fitness enthusiasts.

The ‘In-Club Solution’ comprises a range of high-quality fitness equipment, including punch bags, boxing gloves, dumbbells, kettlebells and more. The equipment is designed to cater to the diverse fitness needs of gym-goers and help them achieve their fitness goals effectively. The BOX12 rolling circuit takes 36 minutes (12 x 3 min rounds), the virtual coaching screens instruct the member through the boxing and functional workout. London is a very busy city and time is precious. Being able to complete full a workout in just 36 minutes is a great benefit to members.

The BOX12 experience isn’t just about fitness – it’s also about community and inclusion. BOX12 is a guided, safe space developed in mind for anyone of any fitness level. Whether you have some experience in boxing or a complete beginner, BOX12 will help you reach your full potential.

Doors officially open at midday on 23rd April!

Image of members using BOX12 equipment.

Overall, The Gym Group’s new site at Euston, London, is a great addition to the fitness scene in the city. With its top-of-the-line equipment and innovative technology – it’s sure to be a hit with gym-goers of all ages and fitness levels.

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