BOX12 Club-in-Club Installation at The Gym Group's New London Euston Site

The Gym Group, one of the UK's leading fitness operators with over 200 locations nationwide, has always been at the forefront of providing affordable, high-quality fitness solutions. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, The Gym Group has now introduced an exciting new addition to their Euston site – their first BOX12 Club-in-Club installation.


Established with the vision of offering flexible, affordable gym memberships, The Gym Group has become a household name in the fitness industry. Catering to thousands of members across the UK, their emphasis on accessibility and value for money has revolutionised the way people approach fitness.

BOX12’s Club-in-Club is a turnkey providing any operator with a full boxing and functional fitness offering that requires no specialist instructor. The 12-round, jump-in rolling circuit-based workout is powered by virtual coaching screens, ensuring best-in-class programming every time. It harnesses proprietary technology for a 24/7 offerings with no downtime, no fixed schedules and minimal staff involvement.

“Let's be honest, it's pretty exciting. I think the place looks excellent and it's the first of a kind for The Gym Group and the first BOX12 in any low cost, high value operator.”

Fraser Kennedy

Equipment Development Manager


The Gym Group’s Euston site marks a significant milestone as it becomes the first fitness operator in London to feature a BOX12 installation within a low-cost, high-value gym. This pioneering move not only enhances the gym’s appeal but also sets a new standard for fitness innovation in urban environments.

The BOX12 Club-in-Club installation at The Gym Group’s Euston site is designed to provide an unparalleled fitness experience. Members can enjoy the benefits of boxing training, including improved cardiovascular health, enhanced strength, and stress relief, all within a vibrant and supportive community.

“We are thrilled to partner with The Gym Group to bring BOX12 to their Euston site. This installation represents a major step forward in making high-quality boxing fitness accessible to a broader audience. We're excited to see how The Gym Group’s members embrace the BOX12 experience.”

Jamie Cartwright



The successful installation of BOX12 at The Gym Group’s Euston site is just the beginning. As the first of its kind, it paves the way for future collaborations, bringing cutting-edge fitness solutions to more locations and transforming the fitness landscape.

The Gym Group’s partnership with BOX12 highlights their dedication to offering innovative, high-quality fitness experiences. The introduction of the BOX12 Club-in-Club at their Euston site not only sets a new benchmark for low-cost, high-value fitness operators but also ensures that members have access to the best in boxing fitness, anytime, anywhere.

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