BOX12 launches offering to operators

BOX12 has now launched four new concepts, which are available for operators to fully embrace the BOX12 offering.

BOX12 in club solution

The complete in club, technology lead, boxing for fitness solution. Embrace the exponential rise of boxing in the commercial fitness sector with this in club turnkey solution from BOX12.

The BOX12 rolling circuit takes 36 minutes (12 x 3 min rounds), the virtual coaching screens instruct the member through a boxing and functional workout. Allow BOX12 to provide you with a cutting edge, on trend, fitness experience that minimises operator input while maximising the member experience.

The BOX12 In Club Solution is now available for operators to purchase.

The box12 pod

  • Freestanding, space saving and boxing/functional fitness pod
  • Interactive touch screen with preloaded BOX12 workouts
  • Workout content updates
  • Option to stream live classes

What’s included

Freestanding frame, 22” Touch screen, Slam Balls – 6/8/12 kg, Kettlebells – 8/12/16/20 kg, Dumbbells – 4/8/12/16 kg,
3 x Corebags – 10/15/20 Kg, 1 x Aqua Bag – 20”.


Feel inspired by the BOX12 GX experience.

This new high energy, boxing-inspired class will leave you feeling exhilarated and fully charged! Using non-contact boxing techniques this 45 minute class caters for all, and will equip you with a new and dynamic skillset.

Hold on tight as you rip into those combos and smash through the functional exercises – this fast-paced class will blow your mind while challenging every inch of your body.

BOX12 GX, we’re in your corner.

Transformation Plan

Providing structure in a destabilised world. Supported by the UK’s #1 online fitness workouts, focused on being accessible and available on your schedule. Includes boxing tuition and most importantly emotional wellbeing and nutrition. The 4-week BOX12 online transformation plan fundamentally provides an encompassing lifestyle change experience, providing the tools, support and motivation to achieve your goals. This fully loaded transformation plan is something operators cannot afford to ignore.

Online Workouts

Recognised as the UK’s no.1 online workout by Proinsight* BOX12 has created an extensive library of online boxing workouts which can easily be used within a club setting or at home.

The sessions have been referred to as ‘one of the most motivating and engaging workouts’, available ‘delivered in a professional environment, leaving you feeling like you are actually with Jamie at BOX12’.

The workouts use Myzone as the wearable of choice, to deliver accurate and motivating direct feedback, participants can gain rewards through Myzone Effort Points which really helps to track the effort that has been exerted. *(Online Classes Benchmark report June 2020).