BOX12 in-club

The complete in-club, technology led, boxing for fitness solution

Embrace the exponential rise of boxing in the commercial fitness sector with this in club turnkey solution from BOX12.

The BOX12 rolling circuit takes 36 minutes (12 x 3 min rounds), the virtual coaching screens instruct the member through a boxing and functional workout. 

Allow BOX12 to provide you with a cutting edge, on trend, fitness experience that minimises operator input while maximising the member experience.

Why BOX12 in-club?

We operate a big box health and fitness club in Didsbury,  Manchester. Over the last few years we have been searching for fitness experiences that we can add to our product to help us to keep our members engaged and attract new ones.
We implemented BOX12 and it has done exactly what we wanted it to do, our members are loving the experience and are raving about it. We are very pleased to have met the team from BOX12.

Jamie Lyne
Managing Director, Waterside Hotel and Leisure Club, Didsbury

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