New members join the BOX12 team in January 2024

Image of Lezanne and Lauren from The BOX12 team.

We’d like to give a warm welcome to Lezanne Hopkins and Lauren Brammer as they join our expanding BOX12 team this January.

Hear from Lezanne:

“Originally from Cape Town, South Africa, I have lived in the UK with my family since 2003. I have worked in various roles within the leisure industry for the majority of my career in the UK, apart from a period between 2017 and 2023 when my husband and I operated our own hospitality business. I have now returned to my leisure “roots”, taking on the role of Business Operations Manager with BOX12.

My main responsibilities are to oversee and manage the daily operations of the business, focusing primarily on streamlining processes and enhancing overall productivity. In a nutshell: making sure everything runs smoothly in the background so our clients get the best BOX12 experience possible.”

Hear from Lauren:

“I’ve lived in Newcastle-under-Lyme all my life, within close proximity of our BOX12 HQ in The Highland. I have a wide range of marketing experience in areas of social housing, apprenticeships, charity, and hospitality. I was very excited to get the chance to work for such an innovative and fast-growing leisure and fitness organisation such as BOX12.

My main responsibilities are to gain content for the brand, to help develop and grow the BOX12 story, expand our reach, and provide marketing support in a wide range of areas.”

We’re looking forward to what 2024 holds for BOX12 as we continue to expand and grow. With lots of fantastic new installations, we’re excited to guide our partners and clients and grab some fantastic content along the way! Want to know more? Get in contact with our team today here.