Who is who at BOX12? – Alister Rollins

Alister Rollins Investor & Chair

The team is rapidly expanding at BOX12 with significant growth plans across the globe.

Let’s find out more about Alister Rollins, who has joined as Investor and Chair.

“As part of my due diligence on the business I didn’t need to do much on the team as I have known them for many years. It was when lifting the hood of what the business had achieved in growth, that made the decision to join so compelling. It’s rare you come across such a capital efficient business growing by millions each year, and last year’s growth rate was over 300%!”

“I have known Jamie Cartwright for some time, which is of no surprise with both of us having dedicated our careers within the industry. When I started my first business, in the early 2000’s, Jamie was one of my first clients. I value hard workers with a high integrity and Jamie hits these two values, in bucket loads. I have observed Jamie’s career from afar and admire what he has achieved in every role and business he has worked in.”

“When I was a student, I won an award for North West Engineer of the year for a computerised punch bag. When I started Fitronics (later becoming TRP), the original idea was to bring the punch bag to life as a commercial product, however this company evolved into focusing on connected fitness. In a nutshell BOX12 and the product range is similar to what ignited my passion back when I was a student. This passion has never left me and hence why I am now working with Jamie, Jon and the team.”

“The industry still very much relies on relationships and networking. To have years of this in your tool kit ensures that a product or company can get front row exposure. It takes years of dedication and commitment to gain a reputation, you have to be willing to put your feet on the ground and work significant hours, days and years.” 

“Jamie and Jon have an advantage due to this, above any other new brand. They are hugely respected thought leaders, respected professionals and they can really mold and shape the decision makers to understand smarter and functional fitness as an overall trend. Combining the products and network, make BOX12 extremely powerful and able to drive innovation in the industry and alter decision makers views and barriers. There are not many companies that can do this.”

“My focus within BOX12 is to support Jamie and Jon and ensure that they maintain clarity to the overall business goals. They have a great foundation and I will help them, zoom out and not be in the day to day. Clarity brings the best talent and investors, and they need to enjoy this journey.”

“As many others, I have an annual task list and since I first worked with Jamie back in the early 2000’s I had ‘work with Jamie Cartwright’ on my list. When Jamie approached me directly. There was no way I was turning this opportunity down.”

“BOX12 is on an exciting journey and to be part of this is challenging and a real privilege.”