BOX12 online body transformation plan

The 8-week BOX12 online transformation plan fundamentally provides an encompassing lifestyle change experience; providing the tools, support and motivation to achieve users goals. This fully loaded transformation plan is something operators cannot afford to ignore.

Supported by the UK’s #1 online fitness workouts, focused on being accessible and available on the users schedule. Includes boxing tuition and most importantly emotional wellbeing and nutrition.

Why BOX12 Body Transformation?

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High energy, high calorie burn boxing and full body workouts lasting just 36 minutes. The workout consists of 12 x 3 minute rounds, including shadow boxing and functional exercises. Each workout is completed at home with no equipment required.

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Our nutrition framework will establish, inline with your personal goals the perfect calorie & macronutrient consumption. This is all done seamlessly through the online portal. We provide meal plan suggestions however you use the nutrition framework and populate your diet with your preferred food choices.

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Tools to strengthen your mind as well as your body with our emotional wellbeing toolkit. A series of videos delivered by Dr Kim Embra that focus on relaxation, breathing techniques and mindfulness. This toolkit will ensure you have the correct mindset to achieve success.

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Additional tutorial videos allowing you to learn the skill of boxing whilst transforming your body. Understand how to generate power and speed to optimise your workout. Add an element of fun to your recovery with our boxing-focussed active recovery sessions that re-energise your muscles so you are ready for your next round.


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BOX12 offer a fun, easy and structured way to train that keeps you engaged throughout the process. The nutrition process is so well explained and I’m loving the fact I can eat foods I like and still lose body fat. The tuition and recovery sessions really help me optimise the workouts. I’m amazed at the difference in just 4 weeks! Bring on the next 4 weeks!

Tom Lowe

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I have tried lots of different programs and plans in the past but struggled as i’m a really fussy eater. The BOX12 plan is so easy to follow I can still eat most of the foods that I enjoy! I have also learnt so much about different foods and how i need to fuel my body. I haven’t felt hungry at all and with previous plans I’ve caved and eaten rubbish at night. The workouts are so so good, the combination of shadow boxing and bodyweight exercises is perfect and I can really see some definition already! After 4 weeks I have lost 8lb, a total of 22cm and my energy levels are through the roof. This is definitely not just a fad diet or crash weight loss, for me it has been a lifestyle change, thank you BOX12!

Charlie Eade


The easy to follow online app has enabled the whole plan to be fully structured and easier to sustain. The classes are so professionally, I feel great afterwards and I don’t ache too much. BOX12 has educated me to understand the nutritional value of foods. I’m eating my full daily calorie intake for the first time ever and still losing weight! My energy levels are through the roof and I’ve been riding my bike for 10k rides on my days off!

Sian Grey

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