Feel inspired by the Experience

This new high energy, boxing-inspired class will leave your members feeling exhilarated and fully charged! Using non contact boxing techniques this 45 minute class caters for all, and will equip the club and members with a new and dynamic skill set.

Hold on tight as the session rips into those combos and smashes through the functional exercises – this fast-paced class will blow minds while challenging every inch of the body. 

BOX12 GX, we’re in your corner.

Why BOX12 GX?

“Literally the best workout I’ve ever tried.” 

“I can honestly say that was one of the best 36 minute workouts I have ever had!” 

“I’ve done fitness all my life and can say that BOX12 hits all the boxes! Cardio, strength and conditioning. I burnt over 900 calories in the 36-minute workout, do that in a gym and see how long it takes you!” 

“I never understood what it was like to fall in love with fitness until I did BOX12.”

Endorsed by club members

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